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Sacabambaspis janvieri‭
Sacabambaspis #01
Sacabambaspis janvieri is a marine jawless fish found from the Ordovician formation of Bolivia, and a species of the same extinct class Pteraspidomorphi as Arandaspis 1), 2).
Sacabambaspis #02
Sacabambaspis was about 25cm in length 4), and its head was coverd with dorsally flattened and ventrally inflated shields 3). There were arrays of diamond-shaped platelets separating the dorsal and ventral shields, and the gills perhaps have opened between these platelets 2).
A pair of eyes which was surrounded by a sclerotic ring was located on front of the head like car head lamps 2). Sacabambaspis seems to have had a lateral line just like extant fishes 4).
Sacabambaspis #03
Sacabambaspis may have been feeding remains of other organisms or some organic materials in the seabed segiments because of having no jaws. There is also a possibility of having sucked water and mud by mouth, and filtered some prey item from them.
Sacabambaspis #04
The tail of Sacabambaspis is hypocercal, namely, a relatively large dorsal web, a small ventral web, and an elongated notochodal lobe ended by a small fin web 3). Perhaps, Sacapambaspis may not have been a good swimmer.
created in January - April 2019.
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