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Director, Aquarist:
KASUYA Hiroyuki (is not and has never been a paleontologist, is not a researcher in other scientific disciplines.)
Octorber 2016 : "Paleozoic Aquarium" was launched.
June 2018 : "Paleozoic Aquarium" was started as the domain name "".
What is "Paleozoic Aquarium":
"Paleozoic Aquarium" purposes to exhibit the needle felting works of the Paleozoic era's animals that I made as a hobby.
"Paleozoic Aquarium" does not purpose to provide the accomplishments of the Paleontological works, and not to discuss about the questions on the Paleozoic era.
Anyone who need more details could refer each references, which are available via the Internet.
about Works:
All of needle felting works are designed by KASUYA Hiroyuki.
All of needle felting works are made by referring to the information listed on the references pages.
The works of this site are made of wool (and partially wollen yarn), not used any adhesives, any inner skeltons such as plastic or metal wires. So the works are 100% of wool. (It does not hurt at all to touch the spines and teeth of the works!)
The works in this site may have many aspects which do not represent the scientific knowledge due to the limitation of materials (and my unskilled technique on the needle felting). I hope you will understand that these needle-felting works and background CGs were made by my speculation on some parts, colors, and so on.
This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
Privacy policy:
This site does not automatically gather your personal information, except for access log of the WEB server.
I welcome your feedback (via ) about my pages.