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Nectocaris pteryx
Nectocaris #01
Nectocaris pteryx is an extinct soft-bodied species of the Middle Cambrian, was found in the Burgess Shale type deposit in Canada, Australia and China 1), 3). It is interpreted as a stem-group mollusc close to the cephalopods 1).
Nectocaris #03
In appearance, Nectocaris is indeed resemble to the coleoids, such as squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses, among cephalopods, however, it has neither the external shell nor the internalized shell 1).
Nectocaris #02
Nectocaris is about 7cm in length 1). It looks like a squid with only two tentacles. The head (main body) has wide lateral fins and a pair of tentacles 1). Beneath of the head, the nozzle-shaped funnel projects and its both sides have a pair of eyes with short stalks. These were camera-type eyes like extant cephalopods have 1), 3).
Nectocaris #04
The spouting water flow from the funnel would have been sufficient for propulsion of swimming 1), 3). In addition to the funnel, using the large lateral fins too, they would have swun near the seabed and preyed on small foods or dead animals by their tentacles.
Indeed, it is difficult to make a hollow, nozzle part like a funnel by needle felting.
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