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Ammonite - Ammonoidea -
Ammonite #1
Ammonite is generally known as an index fossil of the Mesozoic era. But the subclass Ammonoidea already appeared in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era 1).
Ammonite #2
Ammonites are resemble to the extant marine mollusc of the cephalopod subclass Nautiloidea (e.g. nautilus), but the ammonites are a group of the subclass Ammonoidea in the class Cephalopoda, and are more closely related to the subclass Coleoidea (e.g. octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes) 1).
Ammonite #3
The suture pattern of Goniatitida which is seen radially on the shell is relatively simple 2).
Ammonite #5
The anatomical informations about the soft parts of Ammonite are little. So, this needle felted ammonite was reconstructed referring to the living nautiluses, squids or octopuses. Nautilus has a hood (head sheild), but Ammonite lacks it 4).
Ammnote #4
created in November 2016.