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Acanthostega gunnari
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Acanthostega is an extinct genus of four-limbs animals (tetrapods) in the late Devonian period, about 360 million years ago 1), 2), 3).
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Acanthostega is 60cm in length 2). Their forelimb has eight digits, but hindlimbs are unknown (the hindlimb of Ichthyostega has seven digits) 1), 3).
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Acanthostega has fish-like covered internal gills, extensive tail-fin 1), 2), 3). These characters suggest that they are more close to fishes rather than amphibians, and could not walk on land.
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Acanthostega probably lived in the shallow swamp such as a part of its head was above the surface of water or not so.
created in February 2017.
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